About Us


You only have ONE MIND and ONE BODY, so our philosophy is quite simple: take care of them and live a long, independent life.

One Mind One Body Fitness was founded on this fundamental belief:
Take care of your MIND and BODY…. It’s the only place YOU have to live in!

Yes, this is your one-and-only mind and body you are given. It is NOT replaceable; you have it for only a certain amount of time. Make it a productive, worthwhile and independent life!

One Mind One Body Fitness’ focus is on physical and cognitive fitness. This is a lifestyle, not a revolving fad. We do not guarantee a quick fix loss of 20 pounds in 20 days. Our intention is to help you become “healthy” so you can increase strength and endurance; so you are no longer diabetic; your cholesterol is under control; your mobility improves; your cognition sharpens. And with a healthy inside, the outside follows. More importantly, your quality of life becomes better for you, now and into your senior years.

Real aging is inevitable, but the deterioration of your body is not…your choice! The key is EXERCISE! Exercise manages and prevents high cholesterol, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer, colon cancer, osteoporosis, reduces depression and reduces risk for Alzheimer’s. You have heard all of this before, but now it’s time to pay attention and do something about it! Exercise is an amazing option to come to your aid and help give you the quality of life you desire, if you want it!

But here’s the catch…being proactive is the key!

The benefits of regular aerobic exercise increases stamina, reduces fatigue and improves memory, helping you stay mentally sharp! The benefits of strength training makes you stronger, grows new bone, restores balance and coordination and relieves pain. At One Mind One Body Fitness, we partner aerobics with strength training for maximum health benefits for you. According to Dr. Henry Lodge, “Aerobic exercise does more to stop death, but strength training makes living worthwhile.” One Mind One Body Fitness is staffed with professional, certified trainers. Our personal trainers provide the knowledge and expertise in designing and implementing individualized fitness programs to specifically meet YOUR needs! The KEY is to keep moving and building strength no matter what your physical activity level is at this point in your life.

We offer Personal Training, Group Training, Brains & Balance Past 60 and Yoga. With people determined to work out more efficiently in their ever-shrinking free time, people are more than ever desiring personal training sessions.